Belisha Equipment

CEL manufactures a range of low maintenance, anti-vandal and energy efficient equipment for Zebra Crossings and Centre Islands.  The very popular AVG-3 is the modern version of the familiar Belisha Beacon Gallery.  This carries a range of Amber and Opal Globes, including the Hi-Glow options, meeting the latest regulations.  We have developed the intelligent, brighter yet energy efficient CELstar 3F LED Unit which gives a reduced Carbon Footprint and a rapid return on investment.  (CELstar 2 for Centre Island option)  The CELstar fits into a standard ES lampholder.  Our AVG-3 can accept a range of accessories including courtesy shields, floodlights and photocells.

AVG-3 Anti-Vandal Gallery

  • Patented Anti-Vandal Gallery (AVG-3)
  • Amber or Opal globes - Hi-Glow options
  • Easy two part construction sealed to IP54
  • Fits all 76mm shafts (optional outreach brackets)
  • Accepts standard ES or BC Lampholders
  • Lumisphere®, and LED lamp options
  • Photocell and other accessories available

CELstar 3F LED Belisha lamp

  • Thermally managed for LED longevity
  • Designed running hours >50,000
  • Designed and full tested to meet latest standards
  • UMSUG code (CELstar 3F) 79 46 009 002 100
  • UMSUG code (CELstar 2) 79 50 018 000 100