Safety Systems

In support of the Government’s drive to reduce the human and financial cost of Road Traffic Accidents, CEL has developed CELsafe™ Electrical Disconnection Systems which meet the latest requirements of BSEN12767. A number of Customers have had instances during actual RTA’s, where potentially life-saving successful disconnections have taken place.

Within the CELsafe™ range two systems are available to meet specific project requirements. They both provide safe and automatic disconnection of the electrical supply following vehicle impact to a lighting column or other similar structure.

  • CEP3 - A tilt switch solution with electronic trip.                          
  • CEP4 - As CEP3 but an above ground solution with electrical equipment contained in a feeder pillar.
  • CELcomTM device can be installed in the pillar and using SMS technology sends notification of a knock-down to a mobile telephone.
  • Three ground chamber size options c/w IP67 termination box and 12.5t or 40t covers
  • All options designed for low maintenance
  • Proven operational success

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Emergency Doors

Our Emergency Column Door are the quick response for the replacement of vandalised or missing doors on lighting columns and sign posts and are used in many maintenance contracts throughout the UK. The SD and FSD ranges are available ex-stock to provide a cost effective answer. Also a range of temporary supply doors, TSD, is available to provide secure housings for power supply during routine maintenance.

What our customers say:

"I specified the Charles Endirect CEP3 system as it offered reliable and effective disconnection with 0.4 seconds (ILP TR30)."
Darlington BC